Thermal pools - Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring

Salt Lake

Float weightlessly

The first immediate experience in the salt lake is an indescribable feeling of weightlessness, as if carried by a cloud. Discover a completely new body experience as you normally only find it at the Dead Sea. Even absolute non-swimmers can feel safe in the salt lake. Relaxed floating in the Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water programs our vegetative nervous system for balance and harmony. This increasingly restores the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms and strengthens our resistance, the so-called resilience.

In this floating state, the muscles relax as if by magic and the joints are optimally relieved. Relaxed muscles are automatically better supplied with blood, the metabolism can function better, muscles and joints can increasingly regenerate. The wonderfully relaxing horizontal position on the water facilitates the heart’s pumping function and promotes relief for the cardiovascular system. Due to the high concentration of salt, we recommend a stay in the salt lake of max. 20 minutes.

Considerate behaviour is the best guarantee to enjoy even the most intense experience.

The salt water concentration of 15% guarantees a special experience for the body through strong buoyancy in conjunction with the pleasant water temperature. Give it a try!

  • Salt content: 15 %
  • Duration of stay: 15 - 20 Min.
  • Use: 2 x pro Tag
  • temperature: 32 °C

Recommendations for your perfect floating experience in the salt lake

  • Stepping slowly into the lake
  • Lie on your back with the buoyancy
  • Let yourself drift relaxed on the water
  • Place a buoyancy aid under your head if necessary
  • If water gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with fresh water
  • Taking the rest phase

Light and sound bath

Multidimensional experience for all senses

The light and sound bath combines the effect of floating in the warm and pleasant thermal salt water with a deep feeling of relaxation and security.

Visual animations, lighting effects and music offer you a multidimensional experience for all senses.

Light and sound effects

Visual animations capture the eyes and engage the senses without the need to consciously analyse and process what is seen. If you close your eyes, you won’t miss a thing. If you want to let your eyes wander, open them.

The ears can also enjoy a special listening experience in a very special way. The interaction of acoustic and visual effects in the running programmes has been selected for you on the basis of scientific findings and enables you to get off to a perfect start as well as a special depth of relaxation. Shielded from external influences, time and space become one. The body and the thoughts float. Each sense is addressed in its own way.

As the effect on the skin is less intensive than in the highly saturated thermal salt water of the salt lake, a slightly longer stay (maximum 25 to 30 minutes) is also perceived as pleasant.

The light and sound bath is a place of silence, calm and gentle movements. Considerate behaviour is the top priority here too.

Float away from everyday life here at 10% salt concentration and a comfortable water temperature.

  • Salt content: 10 %
  • Duration of stay : bis ca. 20-30 Min.
  • Light and sound effects (20 Min.)
  • Light and sound animation (20 min.) - start every full and half hour
  • temperature: 33 - 35 °C

Recommendations for your perfect floating experience in the light and sound bath

  •     Slowly step into the pool and let your body float relaxed on the water, leaning your head back

  •     Avoid speaking and restless movements

  •     Listen to the sounds under water and enjoy the multidimensional experience

  •     After bathing, thoroughly remove the salt from your body and swimwear in the shower
  •     Taking the rest phase



Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad”

“Hutzn” and feel good

“Hutzn” is a term from the Vogtland dialect that describes “talking to each other” or colloquially “chatting”.

We would like to invite you to the Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad” as if you were in a lounge, where you can stay a little longer and relax (certainly up to an hour), because with a thermal salt water concentration of 5-6% there is an osmotic balance between salt water and skin. This is particularly gentle on the skin. The organic shape of the pool edge provides niches and seating areas for communication with friends or other guests.

Getting your muscles in motion

Underwater massage jets with different jet quality enrich the feeling of well-being. With a gentle tingling sensation and noticeable pressure on individual parts of the body, they get the muscles in motion. The microclimate created by the jets on the surface of the water is similar to that created by the waves of a sea. Slow, deep breathing soon leads to a comfortable, free feeling of the respiratory tract.

When dusk falls, the light from special lighting elements becomes increasingly intense and transforms the “Hutzn-Bad” into a dreamlike sea of lights.

In the Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad” you can slowly approach weightlessness with a thermal salt water concentration of 6% and a comfortable water temperature.

  • Salt content : 6 %
  • Duration of stay : according to the subjective feeling of well-being
  • Use: as often as you like, up to 90 minutes.
  • temperature: 33 - 35 °C

Recommendations for your perfect floating experience in the Vogtland “Hutzn-Bad”

  • Step slowly into the pool, use the comfortable seating niches or float relaxed in the pool
  • Treat your muscles with a gentle underwater massage
  • Take a deep breath, inhale the thermal salt water aerosol and feel your lungs becoming free
  • After bathing, thoroughly remove the salt from your body and swimwear in the shower

Recommendations for your perfect floating experience

Mutual considerate behaviour

Do not jump into the pools, do not make waves or splash water. Should salt water still get into the eye, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Suitable for people aged 14 and over

Due to the high Glauber salt content and the associated strong effects on the body, a stay at the Salt Water Hot Spring & Sauna World Bad Elster is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Skin irritation

Thermal salt water works! Therefore, especially sensitive skin can be irritated. A good care lotion at the end of a visit has a calming effect.

Skin injuries and open wounds

Even minor irritations (e.g. epilation) or injuries (e.g. scratches to the skin) can be felt. Rinsing with fresh water helps quickly and reliably.

Salt on skin and clothing

Immediately after a bath, concentrated thermal salt water should be washed off the skin and swimwear. For this purpose, there are showers in front of each pool.

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