Radon - The natural remedy

Radon - The natural remedy

The state-recognised radon mineral spa Bad Brambach, located in southern Saxony - Vogtland - is an important centre for spa treatments, health and relaxation holidays. Bad Brambach is known above all for its radon, which is used in the form of drinking and spa treatment for convalescence.

Radon in Bad Brambach

Radon treatments

Indications Radon therapy

Typical diseases that can be treated with radon, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Morbus Bechterew’s disease, and many others.

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Offers for pain therapy

A radon spa treatment for pain therapy is very versatile in Bad Brambach.

Offers for pain therapy

Your Radon spa treatment

Your radon spa treatment will be complemented by your chosen therapy focus IMMUNE, RELAXED or MOBILE.

IMMUNE – Your overactivated immune system settles into the normal range. With this therapy focus, inflammatory processes and swellings are treated.

RELAXED – Muscles and fascia move you relaxed and pain-free. The focus of the therapy is the relaxation of the musculature and unfelting of the fascia as well as the reduction of functional pain with strong muscular involvement.

MOBILE – Pain-free joints give you back your mobility. The focus in the treatment of degenerative diseases, in addition to pain relief, is on increasing the range of motion of the joints, and the reduction of inflammation and muscle tension.

Your Radon spa-treatment