Course catalogue - In water

Our preventive courses either take place in our medical training and physiotherapy center, in our training rooms, in the pool area or outdoors in the scenic surroundings of Bad Elster. Many courses are subsidized by health insurance.


Aqua Fitness
In water everything is much easier – like floating. Aqua Fitness is fun and exceptionally healthy. Aqua Fitness is training for the whole body taking place in low waters (at chest level) with or without equipment. Aqua Fitness helps increasing power, agility and endurance. Especially the water’s buoyancy and resistance relieve your joints and is kind on your spine, tendons and joints. Under guidance of a professional trainer you will actively move for about 45 minutes, which will train your muscles, endurance and fitness as well as strengthen your cardiovascular system.  Musik sets the pace. This kind of sport is suitable for all kinds of ages and abilities. A very positive side effect is, that permanently working against the resistance of the water massages and firm your skin.  

Baby swimming course
(Babies aged 3 to 12 months)
Baby swimming courses in 36°C warm water allows infants to move around as they are not able to do on ground yet. Together with parents and other babies they will play, dive and splash around. Special exercises and movements as well as playful incentives positively influence the babies‘ physical, intellectual and social development. Cardio, vascular and breathing functions as well as motor skills and body control are trained.  Parents will learn how to hold their babies correctly when swimming. You will see how your baby is using and benefitting from the huge space and opportunity to move in the water. Thanks to this extra time together and the intensive body contact, the deep relationship between the baby and its parents is even more intensified.
The water opens up new room for action allowing the baby really special creativity. Baby swimming should not be understood as swimming as such, but as a different, special playground. You can enjoy baby swimming courses as soon as your baby is 3 months old.

Swimming course for toddlers
(toddlers aged 12 to 24 months)
Swimming courses for toddlers are – just as baby swimming courses – focused on having fun in the water and encouraging exercise. Compared to other children their age, toddler swimmers better adapt to different situations and are far more confident and independent. Not earlier than at the age of 4, they have developed so far as they are able to keep above water without support. Toddler courses mainly include water games, preparations for swimming and safety rules. Your child will gain experience with the element of water and will feel more and more secure in it...until it will be old enough to take real swimming lessons.

   Schwimmkurs für Kinder ab 5 Jahren

   Es ist wichtig, schon von klein auf im und mit dem Wasser groß zu werden. Kinder erlernen so spielerisch
   schwimmen, tauchen, springen und werden mit  Freude an die Bewegung im Wasser herangeführt. Das Ziel jedes
   Schwimmkurses ist die Seepferdchenauszeichnung.