Yoga is a technique developed in India that is thousands of years old and involves breathing, concentration and physical tension and relaxation. Starting with exercises that allow you to forget about everyday life and relax, various postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas) are then combined. In all exercises, the focus is on physical sensations. Finally, exercises for deep relaxation follow. The Hatha yoga offered at Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH is recommended primarily for inner balance, stress reduction, improvement of coordination and mobility, as a relaxation technique and for concentration and sleep disorders and can be practiced into old age.

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson

With this easy-to-learn relaxation method, you lie or sit in a quiet, warm environment and consciously concentrate on alternating between tension and relaxation under the guidance of an experienced therapist. The individual muscle groups are first tensed one after the other in a specific order, the muscle tension is held briefly and then released. This achieves a state of deep relaxation of the entire body and a reduction in muscle tension due to improved body awareness. Particularly suitable for high blood pressure, muscle tension, insomnia, headaches and psychological problems.

Nordic walking

This form of exercise is suitable for all ages and training groups and is very easy and quick to learn. Nordic walking is an effective full-body workout that uses up to 90% of your total muscles and is gentle and gentle on your joints at the same time. The additional use of walking sticks intensifies the diagonal leg and arm work when walking, loosens and strengthens the shoulders, neck and torso and trains coordination and body awareness. Exercising in the fresh air not only stimulates fat metabolism, but also trains the cardiovascular system and improves mood. Nordic walking is the most suitable outdoor sport for rehabilitation after sports injuries. It is possible to rent sticks.

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