Aqua Training

A lot of things are easier in the water - aqua training is fun and extremely healthy. Aqua training is a full-body workout that is offered in shallow water at chest height with or without equipment. Aqua training increases strength, mobility and endurance and promotes relaxation. Above all, the water buoyancy and water resistance relieve the strain on the joints. The spine, tendons and joints are protected. Under the guidance of a trained trainer, you can train your muscles, endurance and fitness and strengthen your cardiovascular system through active movements in the water for 45 minutes. Music sets the beat and the tempo. This sport is suitable for all ages and abilities. A positive side effect is the powerful massage and tightening of your skin through constant work against water resistance.

Baby swimming

Baby swimming in 32°C water allows infants to move around, which is not yet possible on land at this time. We play, dive and splash around with the parents and other babies. Special movements and playful stimuli positively influence the baby's physical, mental and social development. Cardiac, circulatory and breathing activity as well as motor skills and body control are promoted. Parents learn important and, above all, safe grips and holding techniques. You can see how your baby takes advantage of the great opportunity for movement in the water. The intimate relationship between baby and parents is promoted through shared experiences and intensive physical contact.
The wet element opens up new scope for action, which enables the baby to be particularly creative. Baby swimming should not be understood as swimming in the true sense, but as “another, special playground”. After the third month of life, you can take part in baby swimming with your child and have a lot of fun together.
(Babies aged 3 to 12 months)

Swimming lessons for children aged 5 and over

It is important to grow up in and with water from an early age. Children learn to swim, dive and jump in a playful way and are introduced to movement in the water with joy. The goal of every swimming course is the Seahorse Award.

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