Natural mineral healing water

Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH boasts more than 10 state-recognised mineral springs, including ‘Marienquelle‘, ‘Moritzquelle’, ‘Salzquelle’ (salt spring) and the ‘Elstersäuerling’.  

Effective ingredients
Each mineral spring boasts a characteristic combination of minerals, which - in combination with the natural carbon dioxide – works the positive effects on each individual organism. Thanks to their chemical composition and their physical characteristics, Bad Elster’s mineral springs are perfect for both drinking treatments and bath therapies. Using the mineral healing waters for drinking or bath therapies, patients and people using these waters must comply with strict regulations according to the pharmaceutical legislation.   


Drinking treatment
During the drinking treatment, mineral healing waters are taken regularly for a longer period of time. Used regularly, healing waters can prevent mineral deficiencies or compensate other deficits. Depending on their mineral composition, our spring waters can help soothing disorders of digestion, metabolism, kidneys, and the efferent urinary tract. Furthermore, they compensate mineral deficiencies and speed recovery and recreation.  

Bath therapy

Taking baths in Bad Elster has deeply healing effects. Thanks to the water’s uplift, muscles and joints can be considerably relieved and thus soothe pains. Moreover, the warm healing waters generally promote relaxation and improve your overall well-being. Carbonic baths have very positive effects on the cardiovascular system, whereas mineral baths stimulate the metabolism and the blood circulation. The high proportion of carbon dioxide in the mineral springs of Bad Elster will turn any bath into a sparkling experience. Just give it a try yourself!