Natural healing water

The Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH has 10 state-recognised mineral springs in Bad Elster. These include the Marie and Moritz springs, the salt spring and the Elstersäuerling.

You and your health benefit from the numerous minerals and trace elements which are contained in our mineral springs in dissolved form and can therefore be absorbed particularly well by the body. The individual characteristic combination of minerals for each mineral spring and the naturally occurring carbon dioxide make up the effect on the organism.

Operating Hours Marienquelle

november - march: 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. / 01.30 p.m. - 5 p.m.
april - october: 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. / 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Operating Hours Moritzquelle (from easter to october)

monday - friday: 12 a.m. - 5 p.m.
saturday and sunday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Things worth knowing about the origin of the healing water

The following table provides you with an overview of the most important contents of Bad Elster’s springs and their positive effects on the body:


Carbon dioxide

  • Promotes the circulation of blood to the skin and other organs and thus ensures a better oxygen supply to the body
  • Stimulates stomach and intestinal function and thus promotes digestion
  • Increases the production of gastric juices
  • Has a blood pressure regulating effect


  • Promotes relaxation and thus contributes to stress reduction
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Supports cardiovascular functions


  • Increases hormone production and has an analgesic effect, among other things by releasing endorphins (the body’s own pain-relieving substances)
  • Stimulates the activity of defence cells and thus strengthens the immune syste


  • Important for insulin production
  • Involved in the formation of bone and cartilage
  • Supports cell protection, metabolism and energy supply

Hydrogen carbonate

  • Has an acid neutralising effect and thus helps with heartburn
  • Anti-inflammatory in combination with magnesium and calcium
  • Increases uric acid excretion and thus prevents gout and urinary stones


  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Involved in muscle conduction and blood coagulation
  • Regulates heart activity
  • Helps with chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract


  • Supports the digestive system, gently stimulates the intestines and thus naturally removes blockages
  • Detoxifies the liver and stimulates the bile
  • Recommended for the treatment of urinary tract infections


  • Is indispensable for the formation of red blood cells (haemoglobin), for oxygen transport and thus for the entire energy metabolism and immune system
  • Increases performance and general well-being


  • Regulates the water and acid-base balance
  • Has a blood pressure regulating effect
  • Involved in the excitation of nerve cells


  • Strengthens bone and enamel
  • Prevents caries

Natural carbon dioxide mineral healing water and its use

Due to their chemical composition and physical properties, the mineral springs of Bad Elster are suitable for drinking treatments and bath therapy. Strict regulations must be observed when using the healing water for bathing and drinking in accordance with the Medicines Act. Among other things, healing water must contain dissolved substances in a concentration of at least 1,000 mg per 1 kg of water. The healing water in Bad Elster, for example, contains a lot of natural carbon dioxide (more than 2,000 mg/l).

Bath therapy

Even in ancient Rome, bathing was not only cultivated for reasons of personal hygiene, recreation or relaxation, but even then it was attributed a healing effect. For example, the buoyancy of the water considerably relieves the strain on muscles and joints and thus alleviates pain. In addition, warm healing water generally promotes relaxation and ensures a general feeling of well-being. Carbon dioxide baths have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and naturally reduce high blood pressure. Mineral baths support the metabolism and help with deacidification. The high level of carbon dioxide in the Bad Elster mineral springs also makes bathing a sparkling experience. Give it a try!

Drinking treatment

During the drinking treatment, the healing water is drunk regularly over a longer period of time for therapeutic purposes. This form of treatment was prescribed for numerous diseases until the 20th century. Drunk regularly, healing waters can prevent a mineral deficiency or compensate for an existing deficit. Marie, Moritz and salt spring and Elstersäuerling alleviate disorders of digestion, metabolism, kidneys and the efferent urinary tract, encourage recreation and compensate mineral deficiencies depending on the mineral composition.

Effective contents

The individual characteristic combination of minerals for each mineral spring and the naturally occurring carbon dioxide make up the positive effect on the organism. Due to their chemical composition and physical properties, the mineral springs of Bad Elster are suitable for drinking treatments and bath therapy. Strict regulations must be observed when using the mineral healing water for bathing and drinking in accordance with the Medicines Act.


[Translate to english:] Marienquelle 1 Marienquelle 3 Moritzquelle 1 Elstersäugling Salzquelle
  Natrium-Sulfat-Chlorid-Hydrogencarbonat-SäuerlingTrinkquelle/Badequelle Natrium-Sulfat-Chlorid-Hydrogencarbonat-Säuerling Trinkquelle/Badequelle eisenhaltiger Natrium-Sulfat-Chlorid-Hydrogencarbonat-Säuerling Trinkquelle/Badequelle eisenhaltiger Säuerling Trinkquelle/Badequelle Natrium-Sulfat-Chlorid-Hydrogencarbonat-Säuerling Trinkquelle/Badequelle
Natrium (Na+) in mg/l 630 221 850 40,5 965
Kalium (K+) in mg/l 16,9 7,7 20,4 1,8 25
Magnesium (Mg2+) in mg/l 30,9 18,3 42,6 19,5 45,1
Calcium (Ca2+) in mg/l 42,2 29,5 54,4 7,6 58,4
Eisen (Fe2+) in mg/l 16,7 12,4 24,5 32 18,6
Mangan (Mn2+) in mg/l 0,62 0,55 0,83 0,67 0,60
Ammonium (NH4+) in mg/l 0,15 0,16 0,05 <0,05 0,06
Fluorid (F-) in mg/l 0,34 0,31 0,21 0,21 0,29
Chlorid (Cl-) in mg/l 429 153 558 21,9 632
Sulfat (SO2-) in mg/l 643 254 903 39,1 1017
Nitrit (NO2-) in mg/ <0,005 <0,005 <0,005 <0,005 <0,005
Nitrat (NO3-) in mg/l <0,5 <0,5 <0,5 <0,5 <0,5
Hydrogencarbonat (HCO3-) in mg/l 458 214 603 223 682
++Gelöste feste Stoffe++          
(inkl. undissoziierte Stoffe) in mg/l 2307 940 3059 386 3446
++Freies gelöstes++          
Kohlenstoffdioxid (CO2) in mg/l 1832 737 2036 1824 2165

< = not quantitatively determinable with the given method, below the corresponding limit of quantification. These analyses were carried out at the Institut Laborunion Prof. Höll & Co. GmbH Bad Elster.


Indikatoren für Trinkkuren

Bad Elster Marienquelle 1 Marienquelle 3 Moritzquelle 1 Elstersäugling Salzquelle
Gastric dysfunction    
Heartburn, fullness, belching    
Stimulation of digestion
Stimulation of the bile and pancreas    
Blood lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout    
++Kidneys and the efferent urinary tract++          
Prevention and (post-)treatment of urinary stones (except cystine and urate urinary stones)
Chronic urinary tract infections    
Flushing of the kidneys      
++Iron balance++          
Iron deficiency and increased need      

Contraindications: acute diseases of the digestive tract and kidneys, limited fluid tolerance, urate and cystine urinary stones

Recommended dosage: for disorders of the upper abdomen, approx. 0.3 l, 3 x daily before main meals; for urological indications, at least 1.5 l spread over the day

Mineral healing water treatments

Benefit from the wide range of health offers. Whether with a mineral or carbon dioxide bubble bath, take advantage of the combined medical expertise for your health.

book treatment

How to get a healing water therapy

As part of an outpatient spa treatment, you will receive the healing water baths as prescribed by one of our spa doctors or by your general practitioner or specialist. The mineral or carbon dioxide baths can also be purchased privately as individual application or included in one of our offers of your choice. Experience the invigorating effect of a therapy with our natural carbon dioxide healing water during a Health Vitality Week or with our classics.

History of the mineral springs

  • 1324First documentary mention of the village Elster
  • 1669Analysis of the Elstersäuerling (Moritz spring)
  • 1810Discovery of new mineral springs during the relocation of the Elster stream bed
  • 1818First warm mineral water baths in a simple woodshed
  • 1848Elster becomes royal Saxon State Spa, the first bathing season opens
  • 1852Opening of the first massive bathhouse and the bathing colonnades with King, Albert and Marie spring
  • 1860Construction of the foyer at the Moritz and Salt spring
  • 1873Development of another eight mineral springs (Moorwiesen springs)
  • 1929Completion of the new foyer at the Salt and Moritz spring
  • 1956New version of the Marie spring
  • 1994Reopening of the Salt spring, which has been closed for decades, after the renovation of the foyer.
  • 2000New opening of the historical Marie spring

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