Spa Doctors

All of our spa doctors gained a special additional training in balneology and physical therapy, which entitles them to compile indications for your individual therapy plan. They excel in arranging a perfect individual mix of relaxation and exercise. Our spa doctors are specialised in all treatments offered in Bad Elster using the natural remedies moor mud and healing waters.

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Klaus Hofmann
Specialist in internal medicine – cardiologist – spa doctor
Im Albert Bad, Badstraße 6
phone: +49 (0)37437 34 98
For his recommendations and tips, please see the right column at our website.

Group praxis Dr. med. Dobberkau
Specialist in general medicine/naturopathy
Dr. med. Anke Dobberkau and Dr. med. Frank Dobberkau
General practitioners
Haus "König Albrecht", Lindenstraße 18
phone: +49 (0)37437 34 94

Group praxis Claus Epperlein
General practitioner
Haus "Karlsruhe", Parkstraße 9
phone: +49 (0)37437 33 65

Dr. med. Ralf-Achim Scheffel
Specialist in general medicine/chiropractic/sport medicine
Haus am Berg, Lindenstraße 6
phone: +49 (0)37437 33 58

Dr. med. Johannes Speer
Haus "König Albert", Lindenstraße 18
phone: +49 (0)37437 34 93

Dr. med Ingrid Werner
Specialist in general medicine
Haus "Stadt Leipzig", Badstraße 13
phone: +49 (0)37437 23 39