Vogtland Clinic
Forststraße 3
08645 Bad Elster
Tel.: 037437 60
E-Mail: service@vogtland-klinik.de


The Vogtland Clinic is a specialised clinic for medical rehabilitation (urology / uro-oncology, nephrology gynaecology / gynaecological oncology; orthopaedics / rheumatology / traumatology), partner with pension insurance companies and insurance schemes in the implementation of medical rehabilitation services and follow-up healing treatments. Our competencies include, among other things, diseases of the locomotive system/the aftermath of accidents, the period following orthopaedic operations, benign and malignant urological and gynaecological diseases (prostate, kidney and bladder tumours / gynaecological diseases, breast and abdominal tumours) as well as urinary incontinence, impotence, tumour post-treatment procedures.