Town of Bad Elster

The state-recognised mud and mineral spa Bad Elster is situated in the most idyllic Vogtland region, right in the middle of the densely wooded border triangle of Saxony-Bohemia-Bavaria. Climatically well protected in the valley of the river Weiße Elster and miles away from any traffic noise, the spa Bad Elster boasts everything you need for a relaxing time.

As early as 1538, the spring “Säuerlingsquelle” has been found and recommended as health promoting. During the next years more mineral healing springs have been detected, having been used for both drinking and bathing treatments. When people started cutting peat in the 19th century, Bad Elster experienced a remarkable development into a mud spa. In 1848, Bad Elster was appointed Royal-Saxon spa by Saxon’s royal family boosting the number of spa visitors considerably.

Today, Bad Elster is one of the most renowned mud and mineral spas in Germany and – with its unique spa architecture, the historic spa gardens and exclusive event sites – it boasts every detail required for spa, health or relaxation holidays.  

From a stylistic point of view, the health resort of Bad Elster was strongly influenced by the atmosphere of the “Gründerjahre” (years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany at the end of the 19th century). The historic Albert Bad in the centre of the health resort is a truly impressive Art Nouveau building dating back to the time of Saxon kings. Here you can indulge yourself in mud and healing water treatments complemented by a wide range of therapy and relaxation offers including the pool and sauna area.   

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