Historical spa park Bad Elster

Historical spa park

Experience Bad Elster in its most colourful light – strolling through out lovely gardens!

The historical spa park was laid out in style of an English landscape garden of 1850. Renowned horticulturists were involved in designing and shaping the spa park, the Albert park and the Paul-Schindel park in the second half of the 19th century.  

Every year at the time from May to June the most colourful rhododendrons turn the historic park in a real ocean of flowers. But the early summer is not the only beautiful season, more than 70,000 seasonal plants and flowers – arranged to lovely flower beds - modelled after historic flower patterns – attract and delight strollers and passers-by alike. The most stunningly landscaped details are the Temple of Flora with the life-size “Flora” figure, charming sculptures, the Louisa pond, rare trees and bushes, training spa trails, themed gardens, water games as well as the bandstands and the historic event sites throughout the park.

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