Floratempel in Bad Elster

Flora is not only a synonym for the plant world, but in Roman mythology stands for goddess of flowers. Today, a piece of our eventful past has been preserved for us in the Temple of Flora in Bad Elster. If you take a detour to Paul Schindel Park around Lake Louisa, we highly recommend stopping by the tribute to the goddess of flowers inspired by Roman architecture.

Experience Roman romanticism close to nature

Idyllically situated on the south side of the Louisa Lake, the Temple of Flora nestles in the beautiful nature of the spa garden. Tall trees tower over its round domed roof, which rests on stone Ionic columns. In front of it spreads a meadow on which, depending on the season, colourful rows of flowers sway in the wind. And, of course, she cannot be missing: Flora. In the eternal shadow of the dome stands her cast statue, gazing full of benevolence across the lake. The entire edifice exudes a typically Roman flair that could hardly be more romantic.

The Temple of Flora in Bad Elster was built in 1909. The South Park, as the Paul Schindel Park was previously called, is a little older - in 1892 it first invited visitors to stroll around. Initially, the flora statue was made of bronze, created by the famous sculptor Peter Pöppelmann. Unfortunately, when all metal in the country was melted down in the course of the Second World War, the bronze statue fell among them. In 1994 it was recast thanks to generous donations from the Elster community. The template used for this remains true to the original spirit of the times: It dates back to 1842 and was created by the sculptor Ernst Julius Hähnel.

Where is the Temple of Flora in Bad Elster

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