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Natural Moor Full Bath**.

**Only with physician’s prescription.

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In a natural moor full bath, one half of your body will be submerged for approximately 20 minutes in a bath with 39 °C bathing peat. A hot moor bath ensures a long-lasting, deep-reaching warming of the body and organs. The warm moor mass slowly emits the absorbed heat.  In the partial bath the circulatory system is under considerably less stress than in the full bath.

Effect: Natural moor is effective due to the deep warming of the body and the organs. The metabolism and hormone production are further stimulated, circulation of the entire body is boosted considerably and better stimulates the lymphatic system. In addition, the mobility is promoted, joint paints are eased, the muscular system is relaxed and the connective tissue is loosened. Moor also has a very positive effect on the skin due to the many mineral ingredients. Moor also includes the anti-inflammatory substance humic acid.  

Indication: The intensive heat effect of the moor is a very pleasant sensation and is mainly used in rheumatic and degenerative joint and spinal chord disorders. Retreatment of injuries of the locomotive system, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation of the digestive tract and the urinary organs, gynaecological complaints and circulatory disorders find relief. After the moor bath, we recommend a recovery break because the body is under relatively high stress during treatment. 

Duration: up to 20 minutes + recovery time

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