Health-promoting natural mud

One of the most valuable remedies of Bad Elster is the naturally occurring mud. The mud is particularly characterised by its long-lasting heat storage capacity and healthy natural components. It is used in the form of packs (hot or cold) and baths, mainly to support the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, arthrosis, injuries). But the plant hormones of the mud are also an extremely effective natural remedy for gynaecology.


How to get a mud treatment

As part of an outpatient spa treatment, you will receive mud treatments as prescribed by one of our spa doctors or by your general practitioner or specialist. You can also purchase mud treatments privately as individual applications (natural mud full and partial baths only with medical prescription) or included in one of our health or spa stays of your choice.



Mud Baths & Packs

Therapeutic treatments, such as natural mud full pack / partial pack, mud kneading, moor treading and other individual treatments can be found here.

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Mud classics

Boost your health with our most popular classics. Whether as a day package or short trip: Our natural remedies are already perfectly coordinated and put together for you.

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Creation of the Bad Elster mud for baths and packs

Natural mud, also known as peat or peloid (Greek pelos = mud), is formed from plant remains which are not completely decomposed under exclusion of air in areas with a high water content. This process is also known as the peatification or humification process. The degree of humification influences the contents and their concentration, which are important for using the mud for medicinal purposes.

After the fresh peat has been extracted from the mud pockets of Bad Elster, which have been built since 1920, it is freed of all coarse constituents such as stones and wood, ground and mixed with mineral healing water as “pack” or “bathing peat”, depending on its use. The “bathing mud” is then heated and transported to the tubs. The natural mud for use in packaging is also heated and extracted from a tapping station for mud treatment. Now you can enjoy your mud treatment to the full.


Health-promoting effect of the natural mud - humic substances, heat storage, natural hormones


Humic substances: The valuable therapeutic significance of mud is probably not only due to the interaction of thermal, biophysical and biochemical processes but above all to its holistic mode of action. Due to the lengthy process of formation, particularly effective natural substances - including humic acids - remain in the mud. These acids are said to have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood circulation-promoting, pain-relieving and antispasmodic effect. Humic acids also bind toxins and boost the immune system.

Heat accumulator: In addition to the humic substances, mud has a high heat storage capacity, which ensures even and gentle overheating of the body. The skin vessels are gently dilated, poorly supplied with blood and the internal organs are better supplied with blood. In a mud bath, the buoyancy creates a state of weightlessness which relieves the locomotor system and reduces muscle tension. These properties of the natural mud contribute to a very successful therapeutic treatment of prolonged diseases of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. rheumatism, arthrosis, certain forms of soft-tissue rheumatism, etc.)

Natural plant hormones: For gynaecology and the treatment of osteoporosis, the natural mud provides highly effective estrogen-like contents. These natural hormones have been shown to be particularly effective in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, bone loss, the desire for children and sterility. Research has shown that a mud treatment has produced fertility in more than half of the women who wish to have children.


History of the mud in Bad Elster

  • around 1818The first real mud baths are offered in the guesthouse “Gasthof zum Anker”. Initially peat was mined in Bad Elster and its surroundings, e.g. today’s gondola pond, swimming pool and stadium.
  • until about 1900Due to increasing numbers of guests, the demand for mud is rising. From this followed: Expansion of the spa - mining in Sohl, Rauner Grund - development of more distant deposits possible through railway lines in Saxony
  • 1920/21Construction of 6 mud ponds
  • from 1931Reuse of sedimented bathing mud from the mud pockets
  • 1932Construction of the 7th mud pocket
  • 1949–1986Year-round spa operation, construction of another 3 mud pockets; collection of mud in mud pockets for reuse after approx. 10 years of storage

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