King Albert Theatre

Fine culture at its best

Culture, joy and vitality – the three main ingredients in Bad Elster.

In Bad Elster not only physical well-being is a vital part, but also cultural enjoyment. Bad Elster boasts year-round events in “royal-Saxon” ambiance and thus makes it a cultural and festival city with international flair. Most of all, the historic event sites - embedded in our lovely gardens – such as the splendid King Albert Theatre, the representative Royal Convalescence House, the light-flooded KunstWandelhalle, the Nature Theatre, and the three bandstands delight the audience and make it possible to experience and indulge in culture in changing atmospheres!


The cultural life steeped in tradition delights all guests in Bad Elster since the royal era.  

Cosmopolitanism and cultural dialogue has been part of Saxony’s history since the beginning of the 19th century. A spry cultural exchange, even across country borders, has been maintained ever since. Since as early as 1817, the Saxon philharmonic orchestra in Bad Elster has been an eminently respectable and valued orchestra. The philharmonic orchestra and its ensembles have regular concerts and musical theatre productions on show at the renowned King Albert Theatre in Bad Elster. The building itself is counted among Germany’s grandest royal theatres. Thanks to the sophisticated and diverse programme boasting all genres, Bad Elster has advanced to a meeting place for culture enthusiasts in the entire Saxon-Bohemian spa region, the “healthy heart of Europe”. Some culture is the highlight of everybody‘s visit!

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