Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water (Bad Elsteraner Thermalsole)

The Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water is a raw material from nature – primal, natural, pure, beneficial, unique in its composition in Germany and worldwide.

The thermal salt water is a mixture of water which is millions of years old (1.5 million years and older) and from the ice age (27-37 thousand years old), which had not been discovered and analysed scientifically in this form before.

About the Salt Water Hot Spring


The Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water is a raw material from nature – primal, natural, pure, beneficial, unique in its composition in Germany and worldwide.


Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring is supplied by a salt water spring dug in 2009 in the Elster Valley. This is the heritage of an enclosed primal sea, which has been hidden for millions of years and laid protected deep in the womb of the earth. What was discovered at a depth of 1,200 m turned out to be a real treasure from the Elster Valley – the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring.


The salt water spring contains highly mineralised thermal water which is unusual in terms of its composition and concentration. Due to the very high sodium sulphate content, Bad Elster thermal salt water is considered a Glauber salt source.

Another component is cooking salt (sodium chloride). In addition, there are many elements which naturally occur on the earth such as calcium and magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, silicates, metals, rare earths, and many trace elements. Nature gave many of these elements and compounds a high level of significance for their structure and functions in the body, for example for the acid/base balance, digestion, the composition and excitability of nerves and muscles and much more.


The highly saturated thermal salt water is conveyed through Bad Elster with a salt water content of 22% and a temperature of 42°C.

Strength floats in the thermal salt water

Balance and resistance

Physical well-being is the expression of an inner balance that every person longs for. Once the balance is disturbed, this can have health effects (e.g. high blood pressure etc.). Relaxed floating in the Bad Elster Thermal Salt Water programs our vegetative nervous system for balance and harmony. This increasingly restores the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms and strengthens our resistance, the so-called resilience. Similar to pressing the reset button: everything is set to NEW. A stay in the thermal salt water works like a holiday for all those seeking peace and quiet.

Strengthened for everyday life

Our immune system is constantly alert to keep our body healthy. It reacts to the various stimuli from our environment. In today’s world, stimulus overload can quickly occur. When staying in thermal salt water, different stimuli such as buoyancy, water pressure and temperature become effective simultaneously. This allows an over-stimulated immune system to gently settle back into a normal, tolerable range. You feel strengthened and prepared for the challenges of everyday life.

Happiness floats in the thermal salt water

Light as on a cloud

During a stay in the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring, you can experience a completely new body sensation and float weightlessly and detached. The human body is “lighter” than the surrounding thermal salt water, so it is pushed upwards - without any effort. You feel light, as if carried on a cloud.

Weightless relaxation

“In this floating state, the muscles relax as if by magic and the joints are optimally relieved. Relaxed muscles are automatically better supplied with blood, the metabolism can function better, muscles and joints can increasingly regenerate. A newly gained lightness of movement gives rise to a wonderful feeling of happiness”, says Prof. Dr. med. Resch.

Relief for the body

The wonderfully relaxing horizontal position on the water facilitates the heart’s pumping function and promotes relief for the cardiovascular system. The pleasantly warm water temperatures (32-36°C) also stimulate the body metabolism and circulation. You feel like being reborn.


Beauty floats in the thermal salt water

Purging for the body

The water with a high content of salt in the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring (6–15%) has a higher water pressure than drinking water. The higher pressure acts like a drainage on muscles and connective tissue. Accumulated metabolic products are increasingly removed, which is often understood as purging. The high salt content makes the skin feel pleasantly smooth and soft.

Care for the skin - natural fountain of youth

“Bathing in thermal salt water promotes the skin’s natural pH value, its valuable minerals enable it to store more moisture. The natural protective layer of the skin is preserved, it does not dry out. A stay in thermal salt water is balm and care for the skin and is therefore also known as a natural fountain of youth”, says Prof. Dr. med. Resch.


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