The state-recognized radon mineral spa

Bad Brambach was first mentioned in a document from 1154. The springs with the valuable minerals arise in the border triangle of Saxony, Bavaria and Bohemia. The valuable radon mineral healing water is offered in various forms in Bad Brambach and is managed in accordance with the Medicines Act. The quiet, idyllic location in attractive nature as well as many leisure opportunities in Bad Brambach and the surrounding area support well-being and relaxation.

Important milestones

Beginning of the 17th century

First mention of “excellent healing springs” by representatives of the Saxon royal family


Detailed investigations of the Brambach mineral springs, recommendation for use as medicinal springs by Professor Lampadius.


First hand bottling and shipping of the mineral water


Discovery of the world’s strongest radon source “Neue Quelle”


Opening of the bathing and spa business


Renaming of the “Neue Quelle” to “Wettinquelle” by King Friedrich August III.


Awarding the designation “Bathroom”


First recognition as a health resort and spa


Association of the two state baths Bad Brambach and Bad Elster


Founding of the Saxon State Baths


Newly built therapy center in Bad Brambach with a swimming and sauna area


Opening of the new Radon Therapy Center in Bad Brambach

The effect of radon

The Bad Brambach mineral springs have a special ingredient - radon, a rare gas of rare quality.

It is found in the granite rock and soil of the region, is odorless and tasteless and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Since it evaporates relatively quickly, radon therapies are only possible and effective near natural radon deposits, such as in Vogtland. For therapy, it can be dissolved in water or used as air containing radon.

Radon therapy has a long and successful tradition. It is used as a valuable and mild stimulus in a low dose range and usually only develops its full effect after a treatment has been completed.

When radon decays, high-energy particles are created that can eliminate dysfunction in the body. Metabolism and repair mechanisms in the cells are activated, inflammation is inhibited, the release of pain-relieving endorphins is promoted and the self-healing powers are stimulated.

A special feature of the Bad Brambach mineral springs is the naturally occurring combination of radon, a high proportion of free carbonic acid and many valuable minerals. The naturally contained carbonic acid expands the blood vessels and increases blood circulation, which leads to improved absorption of valuable radon. The minerals contained in the healing water support the utilization of radon in the body.

A treatment with radon can often reduce the use of conventional painkillers with all their harmful side effects in the long term. Sustained pain relief for up to 9 months is not uncommon.

Relieve pain with radon

In cooperation with experienced scientists, the latest findings are evaluated and implemented in the application of the natural remedy radon. The effectiveness of radon therapy has already been researched in recognized double-blind studies.

Radon therapy in Bad Brambach

Your radon treatment is complemented by your chosen therapy focus IMMUNE, RELAXED or MOBILE.

Wettin source – the strongest radon source in the world

The positive effects of this natural remedy have been known for more than 100 years, and radon cures have a long tradition in Bad Brambach.

With the Wettin spring, Bad Brambach has the strongest radon spring in the world. This is prescribed for drinking in a controlled and targeted manner. The spa doctor determines the amount, frequency and time of intake. Use the special effect of radon therapy for your health, which is naturally gentle and has no known side effects. The latest findings prove that it is highly effective, even with a low dose.

In addition to activating the metabolism and self-healing powers, radon therapy increases the release of endorphins, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. This reduces the consumption of painkillers - increasing the quality of life. A special feature of using the drug in radon therapy is that it works in a purely natural way and the relief has been proven to last several months after treatment.

Drinking cure
During the drinking cure, the radon mineral healing water enters the body via the gastrointestinal tract and thus unfolds its naturally gentle effect. The healing water is drunk regularly over a longer period of time for therapeutic purposes. The duration, the amount and the time of drinking are determined by the spa doctor. The Wettin spring in particular, with around 24.000 Bq/l radon, is considered the strongest radon source in the world.

With the Wettinquellen drinking pass, which you can purchase on site, you can use the special effects of this healing spring for your health. The Wettinquellen drinking pass is available as a 1-, 3-, 7-, 14- and 21-day drinking pass upon presentation of a certificate of safety/medical prescription.

Opening times Wettinquelle
April – October: daily
8.30 am - 12.30 pm
13.30 am - 17.00 pm

Interesting facts about the creation of radon-containing healing water

Natural healing water is created by the slow percolation of rainwater through different geological rock layers. It is cleaned, filtered and enriched with minerals and trace elements. In this enriched deep water, carbonic acid is released by solidified magma from past volcanic activity. The noble gas radon is created from the radium contained everywhere in the earth's crust. The Bad Brambach healing springs get their health-promoting radon content from the Fichtelgebirge granite. All sources are strictly checked in accordance with the Medicines Act.

With the Wettin spring, Bad Brambach has the strongest radon sources in the world. All of Bad Brambach's healing springs: the Wettin spring, the Schiller spring, the Eisenquelle as well as the Upper and Lower Limit springs have a variety of minerals, trace elements, carbon dioxide and the noble gas radon. The valuable radon mineral healing water is offered individually in Bad Brambach in the form of bath treatments and drinking cures and is supervised in accordance with the pharmaceutical law.

The ingredients dissolved in the healing water are particularly well absorbed into the body through the skin when bathing and through the gastrointestinal tract when drinking. Through these two large immune systems they develop their natural and gentle effect on muscles and joints, metabolism and organ functions. The absorption is particularly enhanced by the high natural carbon dioxide content.

Healing water analyses

Wettin sourceSchillerquelleLower limit sourceiron source
Sodium-calcium-bicarbonate-sulphate acid drinking source containing radon and fluorideSodium calcium hydrogen carbonate sulphate acid drinking source containing radonSodium-calcium-bicarbonate-sulphate acid containing radon and fluoride drinking source/bathing sourceRadon-containing sodium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate acid
Sodium (Na+) in mg/l250,00279,00288,00169,00
Potassium (K+) in mg/l9,7010,607,207,20
Magnesium (Mg2+) in mg/l26,1033,7021,3019,00
Calcium (Ca2+) in mg/l146,00180,00196,00111,00
Iron (Fe2+) in mg/l7,7011,805,805,50
Manganese (Mn2+) in mg/l0,440,580,480,66
Ammonium (NH4+) in mg/l<0,01<0,01<0,01<0,01
Fluoride (F-) in mg/l250,00279,00288,00169,00
Chloride (Cl-) in mg/l9,7010,607,207,20
Sulfate (SO2-) in mg/l26,1033,7021,3019,00
Nitrite (NO2-) in mg/l<0,005<0,005<0,005<0,005
Nitrate (NO3-) in mg/l7,7011,805,805,50
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-) in mg/l0,440,580,480,66
(including undissociated substances) in mg/l250,00279,00288,00169,00
Carbon dioxide (CO2) in mg/l250,00279,00288,00169,00
Radon (Rn) in Bq/l9,7010,607,207,20
< = cannot be determined quantitatively using the specified method, below the associated limit of quantification. These analyzes were carried out at the Laborunion Prof. Höll & Co. GmbH Bad Elster institute.

Radon – effect in the body

The Bad Brambach healing springs have a special ingredient - radon. It is used therapeutically in the low dose range. The healing effects of the natural radioactive noble gas have been known for centuries. It is based on the decay of the noble gas in the body, releasing alpha radiation. The resulting high-energy particles allow the body to eliminate functional disorders. The metabolism and repair mechanism of the cells are activated, as well as inflammation and the stimulation of self-healing powers. An increased release of endorphins relieves pain. Natural pain relief increases the quality of life because the use of conventional painkillers and their side effects can be reduced. After a radon treatment, pain relief can last up to 9 months.

Effects of radon therapy at a glance:

  • Relief from all types of chronic pain
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Natural and gentle, without harmful side effects
  • Reduction of individual medication consumption
  • Increase in quality of life

The following table gives you an overview of the ingredients contained in Bad Brambach's springs in addition to radon and their positive effects on the body.

Radon Rn

  • Increases hormone production and has a pain-relieving effect, including through the release of endorphins (the body's own pain-relieving substances)
  • Stimulates the activity of defense cells and thus strengthens the immune system

Manganese Mn

  • Important for insulin production
  • Involved in the formation of bones and cartilage

magnesium mg

  • Promotes relaxation and thus helps reduce stress
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Relieves headaches
  • Supports cardiovascular functions

Calcium Approx

  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Involved in muscle conduction and blood clotting
  • Regulates cardiac activity
  • Helps with chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract


  • Supports the digestive system, gently stimulates the intestines and naturally eliminates constipation
  • Detoxifies the liver and stimulates bile
  • Recommended for the treatment of urinary tract infections


  • Has an acid-neutralizing effect and therefore helps with heartburn
  • Anti-inflammatory in combination with magnesium and calcium
  • Increases uric acid excretion and thus prevents gout and kidney stones

Iron Fe2+

  • Is essential for the construction of red blood cells (hemoglobin), for the transport of oxygen and thus for the entire energy metabolism and the immune system
  • Increases performance and general well-being

Sodium Na

  • Regulates the water and acid-base balance
  • Has a blood pressure regulating effect
  • Involved in the excitation of nerve cells

carbonic acid

  • Promotes blood circulation in the skin and other organs, thereby ensuring better oxygen supply to the body
  • Stimulates stomach and intestinal function and thus promotes digestion
  • Increases the production of gastric juices
  • Has a blood pressure regulating effect


  • Strengthens bones and tooth enamel
  • Prevents tooth decay

Radon treatment

Natural mineral healing water and its use

When using medicinal water for bathing and drinking, strict regulations under the Medicines Act must be adhered to. To be considered as such, medicinal waters must contain dissolved substances in a concentration of at least 1.000 mg per 1 kg of water. Due to their special chemical composition and physical properties, Bad Brambach's healing springs are particularly suitable for drinking and bathing therapy. The naturally occurring combination of radon and carbon dioxide in Bad Brambach's healing water is particularly special.

Your path to radon therapy

You can purchase radon baths privately as a single treatment (only with a doctor's prescription) or included in one of our health or spa stays of your choice. The drinking cure from the healing springs is a free* part of your booked stay with the Sächsischen Staatsbäder GmbH.

As part of an outpatient spa treatment, you will receive radon baths as prescribed by one of our spa doctors.

Except Wettinquelle. This is available after a doctor's prescription and purchase of a Wettinquelle drinking pass.

Indications for drinking cures in Bad Brambach

Wettin sourceSchillerquelleLower limit sourceiron source
chronic, inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases
Blood lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout
Stomach dysfunction
Stimulating digestion
Prevention and (follow-up) treatment of urinary stones, flushing of the kidneys in chronic infections

Contraindications of radon therapy

Radon therapy cannot be used for the following diagnoses: acute inflammatory processes, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, in childhood, consumptive diseases in the case of malignant tumors and up to one year after chemotherapy and/or radiation for a tumor disease

FAQ Radon therapy

The most frequently asked questions and answers about radon therapy

Which clinical pictures and complaints are treated with radon?

Radon therapy has a wide range of applications and is used to treat numerous ailments. According to scientific studies and observations, it is particularly suitable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and chronic pain conditions. These include, for example:

Other indications can also be considered for radon therapy, which are named as follows:

  • Allergic diseases such as hay fever and intolerances
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Diseases of the vascular system, heart and peripheral circulation
  • Mild peripheral circulatory disorders
  • Diseases of the urinary tract such as chronic recurrent urinary tract infections and
  • Inflammation of the kidneys and urinary stone disease

In addition, radon therapy has proven effective for disorders such as restless legs syndrome, post-Covid and susceptibility to infections.

What types of radon therapy are there?

There are five radon-containing sources in Bad Brambach, which we offer to spa guests in the form of bath treatments, drinking treatments, inhalations and rinses. 8 to 12 treatments are recommended. The Radon therapy For example, it can relieve pain in rheumatism, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and support the healing process after injuries.

  • Bath therapy: The radon-containing mineral healing water has an extraordinarily high proportion of natural carbonic acid. In combination with the strong mineralization, you absorb the radon particularly well through your skin when you take a bath. It supports both your body's metabolism and organ functions.
  • Drinking cure: If you drink mineral water containing radon, it develops its gentle effect in the gastrointestinal tract and is slowly released into the body. As part of the therapy, you drink the healing water regularly over a longer period of time, depending on the spa doctor's recommendation. Due to the high radon content, the Wettin source is considered the strongest radon source in the world.
  • Inhalation: Radon inhalation is another form of treatment that complements radon baths. Radon healing water is passed over an uneven surface and slightly swirled so that it flows out into the room air and you can breathe it in during the treatment. Sit back and relax in a pleasantly designed room and enjoy the beneficial power of radon through your respiratory tract.
  • Rinses: During rinsing, the effect of radon is used locally in the nasopharynx and is thereby enhanced. You rinse the affected area with warm radon water using aids according to a set ritual.

How can I receive radon pain therapy in Bad Brambach?

Radon treatments always require a doctor's prescription. The spa doctor will recommend the number and type of applications based on your individual indications.

The therapy center in Bad Brambach offers numerous packages. In addition to the various radon treatments, this includes physical therapies, sport and relaxation as well as overnight stays in the surrounding hotels and guesthouses.

Contact Saxon State Baths

How does the radon treatment work in Bad Brambach?

Radon pain therapy in Bad Brambach is embedded in an overall concept. This includes classic physiotherapy, Kneipp treatments, exercise and relaxation applications, heat therapies and, as a special feature, the Hydro-thermo therapy 

An individual therapy plan will be created for you. During your stay you will receive comprehensive medical care. A doctor with additional training in spa medicine is available to you for an initial, interim and final consultation¹.

The optimal radon bath treatment consists of a series of 10 to 12 individual radon carbonic acid baths. A day of rest is planned between two baths. For example, on these days you can do 10 to 12 inhalations. If necessary, a radon flush is also possible on the inhalation days.

For the Bad Brambacher drinking cure, you can use the Schiller spring as well as the Wettin spring. The doctor's prescription is based on the following recommendation per day:

  • 2 glasses of the Schillerquelle in the morning
  • In the afternoon, 2 glasses of the Wettinquelle, each 250 ml²

¹ Depending on the length of stay
² Source: Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. Wolfgang A. Grunewald: Patient information Radon pain therapy Bad Brambach

Are there special offers for radon therapy?

To get to know us, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our package deals, which already include overnight accommodation and half board. Here you can choose one 4 or 5 day short stay decide in Bad Brambach. If you want to stay longer, ours comes Health Vitality Week for you, in which therapy treatments are selected by the spa doctor according to your indication.

In order to tailor radon therapy even better to your symptoms, you can supplement our treatments with a specific therapeutic focus:

  • immune
  • relaxed
  • mobile

Are there factors that speak against radon pain therapy?

In principle, you will only receive radon therapy if prescribed by a doctor, who will check whether the form of therapy is suitable for you.

Therapy with radon is not an option if there are the following contraindications:

  • acute inflammatory processes
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pregnancy
  • childhood
  • Cancers

What is Radon?

Radon is one of the rarest natural noble gases that occurs everywhere in the earth's crust. Under normal conditions it is odorless and tasteless and cannot be perceived by the naked eye. When we talk about radon, we usually mean the most stable, naturally occurring isotope: radon-222.

What properties does radon have?

Radon has various effects on the human body. It has been used as a natural remedy and for therapeutic purposes in spas and healing tunnels for more than 100 years. In Bad Brambach it is present in increased concentrations due to the geological nature. The one located there Wettin source is the strongest source of radon in the world.

Radon has a very short physical half-life of 3,8 days, during which half of the gas already breaks down into its subsequent elements. This is why radon therapies can only be carried out near natural radon deposits. The human body excretes additional radon through natural processes, which significantly reduces its half-life. After just 20 to 30 minutes, the amount in the body is reduced to such an extent that it can no longer be detected.

Where is radon found?

Radon is found in the rocks and soil of our planet. From there it penetrates into the groundwater and the atmosphere. In this way, both springs and caves are created, the water or air of which is mixed with radon and is used for therapy.

Regions in which radon occurs increasingly are mainly the low mountain ranges made of granite rock. In Germany these include the Black Forest, the Bavarian Forest, the Fichtel Mountains and the Ore Mountains. In southern Germany the average concentration of radon is higher than in northern Germany. The Wettin spring in Vogtland is the strongest radon source in the world, which we make available to you in Bad Brambach in the form of various forms of therapy.

How is radon formed?

Radon is formed during the decay of uranium-238. The uranium used for energy production is uranium-235, a different subgroup of the element.

Is radon dangerous?

Radon is a weakly radioactive noble gas. However, we are constantly exposed to radioactivity in everyday life. Radon is only part of it. Its negative reputation arose because high concentrations of it were measured in residential buildings in some regions. However, the danger here is that people come into uncontrolled contact with the gas as it escapes unnoticed from the ground

However, if radon is controlled and applied specifically over a short period of time, as with radon therapy, it poses no danger. The therapeutic use cannot therefore be compared with the long-term exposure that politicians and the media warn about. However, in small doses, such as those used in therapeutic treatments, radon has even been shown to have a positive effect.

Is there a risk of radiation?

The additional radiation from a radon bath treatment is overall lower than that from a single x-ray. In Bad Brambach we work with a safe concentration. The positive benefits of radon in the context of therapeutic treatments are proven by both scientific studies and the experiences that participants in radon treatments have had. In small doses, the energy created by the radiation stimulates certain processes in the body. This has a positive effect on well-being.

Has the pain-relieving effect of radon been scientifically proven?

The studies carried out were so-called double-blind studies. This means that neither the doctors nor the experimental or control group knew who received the radon and who did not. Half of the therapies for patients with polyarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis were each supplemented with radon.

The groups whose bathing treatments and inhalations were mixed with radon had significantly fewer complaints. The therapies differed only in terms of radon; all other measures were the same. It is interesting that the improvement after therapy with radon lasted much longer, so that the patients had significantly less pain for up to 6 to 12 months.

This results in savings on medication, which has a positive effect on health. The side effects of strong medical products often make additional medication necessary. Painkillers can also have harmful effects on an already weakened body over a long period of time.

Overall, radon treatment has been used successfully for over 100 years. Over time and many applications of radon to patients, it has been observed that the therapy has also proven effective for other diseases. You can find out more about which complaints radon treatment is suitable for under “Which clinical pictures and complaints are treated with radon”.

If you would like to read about studies relating to radon, then the publication “Radon as a Remedy – Therapeutic Efficacy, Biological Mechanisms of Action and Comparative Risk Assessment” is a good choice. The authors are various doctors and scientists: Peter Deetjen, Albrecht Falkenbach, Dietrich Harder, Hans Jöckel, Alexander Kaul and Henning von Philipsborn. The book was published in 2005 by Dr. Kovač.

What is radon therapy?

During radon therapy, medicinal water containing radon is used for therapeutic purposes. It is supplied to the body in various dosage forms in health resorts such as Bad Brambach and acts as a stimulus that can trigger the body's own healing processes. It can relieve chronic pain, stimulate cell renewal, gently stimulate the immune system and combat inflammation. In Bad Brambach we combine the individual dimensions of radon therapy so that they are tailored to your individual needs.

Radon therapy takes place in Bad Brambach under controlled conditions in accordance with the Medicines Act and is supervised medically.

How does radon affect the body?

In all 4 dimensions of radon therapy (Bathing-drinking-inhaling-rinsing) absorb radon. It enters your bloodstream via the lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal tract and spreads throughout the body, where it continually breaks down. The different forms of application are coordinated according to needs and ensure even more efficient therapeutic success.

Effects of radon therapy at a glance:

  • Long-lasting relief from chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Natural and gentle, without harmful side effects
  • Reduction of individual medication consumption
  • Increasing the quality of life, including rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and sports injuries
  • Activation of metabolism, endorphins and self-healing powers
  • Helpful against post Covid symptoms
  • Triggers processes at the cellular level and promotes hormone production (cytokine, melatonin, endorphins, cortisol)

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