Bad Brambacher Post COVID cure

In connection with post-COVID, the latest research results talk about a wide range of different symptoms that can cause people to despair after a SARS-CoV 2 infection. Multiple organ systems are often affected at the same time. These complaints can change your entire life, even though sometimes everything seems to be going well organically.

There is currently no treatment that can address the cause of Post COVID itself. In many cases, the symptoms improve on their own over time. On the other hand, early treatment of some symptoms can also be helpful so that the symptoms do not become chronic.

Causes of Post COVID Symptoms

According to recent research, there are likely multiple, overlapping physical mechanisms that may trigger post-COVID symptoms:

  • Remains of virus parts, for example in the intestine, which repeatedly become infectious or repeatedly irritate the immune system
  • an irritation of the immune system with dysregulation of endocrinological control circuits
  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Irritation of the vagus nerve with dysfunction of the vagal target tissues and organs
  • Generalized or tissue-specific inflammation, typically autoimmune
  • Platelet activation due to endothelial damage

The question arises: why should one only treat individual symptoms when these mechanisms can occur throughout the entire body? Then why not use holistic and systemic forms of treatment?

In order to record the complaints on as broad a basis as possible, the Bad Brambach Post Covid cure the human being holistic treated and not its individual symptoms or individual organ systems.

The Therapies include the whole body with all its structures. It says that natural local remedies radon in the centre. This treatment approach works according to the stimulus-response principle Help for self-healing and takes place at a state-approved health resort.

Treating post-COVID complaints with the natural remedy radon

Based on the latest findings and in collaboration with the German Institute for Health Research Prof. Karl-Ludwig Resch, we have our therapy holistically, naturally, without medication and set up in the spa gardens with gentle circulation-promoting movement.

No faster, better, further, but a lot of rest, coming to yourself and of course our naturally occurring remedy radon-carbonic acid-mineral healing water. According to our holistic approach, you can too soul and spirit with this concept to restcome and recharge your batteries.

Radon is a naturally occurring noble gas. Odorless, tasteless and invisible. Its controlled dose radiation is in the low dose range. It triggers a wide variety of positive processes at the cellular level, which we would like to use as part of the treatment. These processes are traditionally supported and promoted by the naturally contained carbon dioxide and minerals.

In addition to radon applications, there are warming, immune-stimulating and relaxing measures that further promote the body's self-healing process.

Quotes from patients:

“The radon inhalation was particularly good for me, it opened my lungs again and I can breathe much more freely and easily again. I felt the effect immediately after inhaling.”

Martina S. from Regensburg


Resort destinations

The goals of the Bad Brambach Post COVID treatment are based on the symptom-triggering mechanisms and take into account the knowledge that the overall condition worsens in 75% of patients after vigorous physical activity. Goals are:

Calm the immune system

Inhibit inflammation

reduce pain

Stimulate metabolism

Stimulate excretion

Increase blood circulation

Improve trophics in tissue

Relax the muscles, especially in the chest area

Harmonize body, mind and soul

Lighten mood

Vitalize forces

Prevent chronicity

And at the same time, you will get to know and love the unique advantages of a spa stay in fresh, pure forest air with lots of peace and nature.

Cure process

There will be a telephone call in advance of the treatment Preliminary Chat instead of. A visit will take place shortly after your arrival Spa doctorwho will record your status, clarify any contraindications again and advise you on the applications. During your stay you have one Patient Scout to the side. Your treatment plan, as part of the Bad Brambacher Post Covid treatment, includes

  • a daily complex radon application,
  • another treatment from the 4 other essential therapeutic areas every day
  • Drink medicinal water twice a day and
  • Daily use of the bathing and sauna area
  • Closed Sundays


The Bad Brambach POST-Covid cure covers the following areas:

  • Bad Brambach radon therapy  (complex forms of treatment)
  •  heat therapy
  •  relaxation measures
  • Stimulation therapy (in addition to radon)
  • gentle movement

We will be happy to send you the detailed program. Use ours for this Contact form.

Find it hardly any group applications but there are still many opportunities to make contacts.

We ask you to focus on your body and your experiences with the therapy throughout the entire treatment and your thoughts and feelings in a personal way logbook to write down.

Bad Brambach Post COVID cure

  • 15 days, 14 nights in a double room including half board
  • initial medical interview
  • 1 doctor's lecture on the subject of radon
  • 6 combination therapies Radon carbon dioxide bath with additional oxygen and light therapy

You will find further bookable options in the next step.

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ab 1990 €pp including VAT.

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