Your Radon Therapy Centre Bad Brambach

Side effect-free application of radon therapy for pain relief

Bad Brambach has the “Wettinquelle”, the strongest radon spring in the world. It has made the state-recognised mineral spa Bad Brambach famous in the Vogtland region and beyond.

The Bad Brambach radon therapy causes pain relief, metabolism activation as well as anti-inflammation in various chronic diseases.

Advantages of radon therapy are the long-lasting natural pain relief as well as the side effect-free application. The high level of naturally contained carbon dioxide gently supports the cardiovascular system.

Use the side effect-free radon therapy with the strongest radon source in the world - for pain relief and thus for more quality of life!

Effect of the radon mineral springs in Bad Brambach

  • Relief of chronic pain of all kinds
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural and gentle, without harmful side effects
  • Reduction of individual medication intake
  • Increasing the quality of life

Forms of application of radon therapy in Bad Brambach

Radon spa treatment

In Bad Brambach, the spa treatment is the main component of the radon therapy. The extraordinarily high content of natural carbon dioxide supports the absorption of radon through the skin and relieves the cardiovascular system.

Radon drinking treatment

Another very effective form of therapy is the Bad Brambach drinking treatment. It stimulates the largest immune system of the body, the intestine, due to the exceptional radon concentration.

Radon inhalation

As a complementary treatment to radon baths, radon inhalation allows you to relax and enjoy the power of radon mineral healing water through your respiratory system. Your immune system is activated via the bronchial system.

A health certificate from your doctor is required for radon therapy.

Accompanying applications:

Hydrothermotherapy, physiotherapy as well as relaxation and exercise offers round off your stay in Bad Brambach.

New now!

From now on, a new radon therapy centre with the most modern infrastructure is available for your stay in Bad Brambach.

The extension building is directly connected to the existing therapy centre via a connecting corridor. Extensive traditional as well as modern application possibilities in the field of pain therapy with the natural remedy radon await you.

The spa and sauna landscape and the well-kept historical spa garden round off your stay.


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