Medical-therapeutic expertise

Effect of the radon mineral springs in Bad Brambach

  • Relief of chronic pain of all kinds
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural and gentle, without harmful side effects
  • Reduction of individual medication intake
  • Increasing the quality of life


Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Resch - German Institute for Health Research
“The medical concept of the Bad Brambacher radon spa treatment is unique - nowhere else are all dimensions of radon application (bathing, drinking, inhaling, rinsing) offered and used in coordination with each other as needed. In this way, the large immune organs of the body, e.g. in the skin, intestines or throat, can be reached and radon can develop its unique effect. Well-documented by scientific research, the main benefit is a gentle and lasting calming of an overstimulated immune system triggered by a series of applications - often the key cause of chronic pain and inflammation.”


The following options are available

Medical consultation by a doctor
Personal examination and consultation by a medical doctor with additional training in spa medicine. Based on the detailed anamnesis, the doctor drafts an individual therapy plan or a prescription for spa treatments and is available during the stay not only for the initial but also for interim and final examinations. Appointments can be made before your arrival or on site at appointment reservation / reception.

Anamnesis and in-depth consultation are performed by a physician with whom you are connected via modern telecommunication technology. After the anamnesis you will receive an individual therapy plan or prescription. Appointments can be made before your arrival or on site at appointment reservation / reception.

Doctor’s presentation about radon
Here you will get information about the origin, effect and application of the noble gas radon. Medical experience values and indication areas round off the presentation.

Specialist presentation on pain therapy with radon
The focus is on various pain therapy offers with radon followed by an exchange of experiences.