Radon - The natural remedy

The state-recognised radon mineral spa Bad Brambach, located in southern Saxony - Vogtland - is an important centre for spa treatments, health and relaxation holidays. Bad Brambach is known above all for its radon, which is used in the form of drinking and spa treatment for convalescence.



The state-recognised radon mineral spa

Bad Brambach was first mentioned in a document from 1154. Since then, the natural remedy radon enjoys a very special reputation. The springs with the valuable minerals originate from the Fichtelgebirge granite in the border triangle of Saxony - Bavaria - Bohemia. The valuable radon mineral healing water is offered in various forms in Bad Brambach and is supervised in accordance with the Medicines Act. The quiet idyllic location in charming nature and many recreational opportunities in Bad Brambach and the surrounding area support the well-being and relaxation.


Important milestones

  • 16th and 17th centuryFirst mention of “excellent mineral springs” by representatives of the Saxon royal family
  • 1812Detailed studies of the Brambach mineral springs. Recommendation for use as mineral springs by Professor Lampadius
  • 1890First manual bottling and dispatch of the mineral water
  • 1909Discovery of the world’s strongest radon spring “New Spring”
  • 1912Opening of the bathing and spa resort
  • 1914Renaming of the “New Spring” into “Wettinquelle” by King Friedrich August III.
  • 1922Assignment of the designation “Spa”.
  • 1949First recognition as a health resort and spa
  • 1966Unification of the two state spas Bad Brambach and Bad Elster
  • 1991Foundation of the Saxon State Spas
  • 2000New therapy centre Bad Brambach with swimming and sauna landscape


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