Outpatient rehabilitation or preventative care which are covered by your health insurance company or pension insurance

A spa treatment in Bad Brambach can be performed as outpatient rehabilitation (for already existing illnesses) or as outpatient preventative care for preventive healthcare. Our local spa doctors are familiar with the effect of the natural remedies radon and mineral healing water and compile an individual treatment plan for you.

How to get a spa treatment

Anyone who cares about his health can apply for a spa treatment. You should contact your general practitioner first. He will advise you on the selection of the spa resort and will complete the application for a spa treatment with you. Then, you have to submit this application to your health insurance company, which will check and approve your application. If it is rejected, you should file an objection with the help of your doctor.

Duration of your spa treatment

A spa treatment should last three weeks, if possible, in order to achieve a sustainable effect. In individual cases it is possible to extent the duration of the spa treatment. Every insured person can apply every three years for an outpatient spa treatment. An earlier repetition is possible in case of certain diseases (e.g. rheumatism).