Municipality Bad Brambach

Thanks to its preferred landscapes in the border triangle Saxony, Bohemia and Bavara, Bad Brambach, state-recognised mineral spa and southernmost spa in Saxony/Vogtland, is a favoured destination year-round. Popular and loved not only by health and spa guests, but also by lovers of nature and hikers alike.  

The rural place boasts truly charming and untouched natural beauty. Bad Brambach is also perfect as starting point for excursions or hikes in the Elstergebirge and on the renowned Vogtland Panorama Trail®. The historic spa garden with its pleasant paths and Nordic walking trail invites guests and visitors to a leisurely stroll along seas of flowers and fountains.   

Especially renowned is Bad Brambach for its natural remedy radon. Its gushing wellspring “Wettingquelle” is counted among the strongest radon springs worldwide. The radon dissolved in the healing waters is taken as drinking treatment or baths for healing diseases of the locomotor and the cardiovascular system. The healing powers of this special mineral water have been known for more than 100 years and many guests come here to Bad Brambach several times a year to renew their strength for their physical recovery. 

Situated in a most idyllic setting within the spa garden, the therapy and relaxation centre boasts a huge variety of treatments and courses for recovering, healing and relaxing to choose from. Bad Brambach‘s pool and sauna area with steam bath and Finnish sauna or the sauna village with its outdoor facilities creates a very special atmosphere for its guests with a most scenic panorama view into the green gardens.

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