Forest Spring Restaurant & Café

It all started around 1900 with the Royal Spa Orchestra - concert music at the forest spring, to which the inclined listeners were served coffee and cake. Because the illustrious gathering there was so popular, the responsible persons soon built a guesthouse. The Forest Spring Restaurant and Café was born. Those who want to dine royally in the middle of nature and in front of a historical backdrop should definitely take a break here.


So close to history: Dining in the Forest Spring

The Forest Spring Restaurant and Café is a culinary highlight of the historical spa garden in Bad Elster. Around the year, you can get regional and seasonal dishes here and take part in exotic theme nights on cuisines from other countries. You will sit in the middle of an architectural-historical work of art - between an enchanting wooden music pavilion, the unique Nature Theatre and a guesthouse in ornate Art Nouveau style. The harmonious ensemble is rounded off by ponds, meadows, fir trees and deciduous trees.

Originally, the Forest Spring was a simple coffee house that catered to the Royal Spa Orchestra's audience. In 1903 the building was erected, which we can still admire today in all its glory. At that time there was a pastry shop on the first floor and a guest room above - but the name was already the same: Forest Spring. The pretty house survived both world wars largely undamaged, but due to its age it deteriorated more and more. Thanks to extensive renovation work, which followed the historical model to the letter, the restaurant has been fully restored.

Where is the Forest Spring Restaurant & Café ?

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