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Bad Brambacher radon spa treatment

A radon spa treatment for pain therapy is very versatile in Bad Brambach.

In all pain processes, the immune system is stressed. The organs involved in immune defence and recovery include the skin, the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract, and the lungs.

In order to reach the main structures of the immune system, the Radon Therapy Centre offers an unparalleled variety and combination of several radon application options.

Bathing - Drinking - Inhaling - Rinsing

Each form of radon treatment has its own benefits and stimulates different organs of the immune system in the body. What they all have in common is the specific effect of the noble gas radon, combined with naturally contained carbon dioxide and a variety of minerals against pain.

The optimal length of stay starts at 7 days, depending on the condition of the disease. Giving the body enough time and rest to react has proven to be effective.

Combination Therapy Radon Carbon Dioxide Oxygen*.

*Only with physician’s prescription

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The extraordinary combination of a radon carbon dioxide bath and a concomitant oxygen therapy becomes increasingly popular. While you are lying in the radon bath, the natural oxygen content of the air is increased significantly by a technical instrument, the so-called oxygen concentrator, and is supplied via the nasal cannula. Feel free to contact the spa doctor, if an additional oxygen therapy can have a specific benefit for you.

Effect: “Adjuvant” in the radon therapy. Improvement of the oxygen supply in body regions which are not supplied optimally. The revitalising effect of this combination therapy supports the increase of well-being and of capabilities. Possible increase of retentiveness and power of concentration.

Indication: As a support for the radon carbon dioxide therapy, in particular with a simultaneous impairment of oxygen intake from the breathing air as well as an impairment of the oxygen supply to the tissue

Duration: 20 minutes + resting time

* only with medical prescription/health certificate

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Service Price: starting at € 38.00


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