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Radon spa treatment - MOBILE .

8 days, 7 nights incl. half board in double room*

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from 01.01.2023


* only with medical health certificate

At the beginning of your health trip there will be a specialist presentation on pain therapy with radon

Bad Brambach has the strongest radon spring in the world, which is administered in the form of baths and drinking treatments. About 270 litres of healing water are used in a radon carbon dioxide full bath. You bathe at a bath temperature of 32 to 39 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes.

Radon inhalation is a complementary treatment to radon baths. In this process, radon healing water is passed over an uneven surface and swirled slightly so that it can escape into the room air. Sit back and relax in a pleasantly designed room and enjoy the beneficial power of radon through the respiratory tract.

With the radon drinking treatment incl. Wettinquellen drinking pass you can take the strongest radon source in the world, the Wettinquelle, in the form of a daily drinking treatment. During the drinking treatment, the radon mineral healing water enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract and thus unfolds its naturally gentle effect. The duration, amount and time of drinking is determined by the spa doctor. You can use the special effect of this mineral spring for your health.

Fango is a pulverised volcanic rock which achieves its particular effect from its mineral composition. In the case of the natural vulcanite fango partial pack, it is mixed with water to form a thick paste and heated to 46 - 48 °C. The warm volcanic healing mud is applied generously to the back or joints depending on the indication,

During Fango Kneading, you dip your hands up to your wrists into the fango mush, which has a temperature of about 42 °C, and move all the joints of your hands and fingers. The hands are cleaned with clear water after 20 minutes.

The Deep Massage begins with the massager palpitating the tissue condition. The classical massage techniques stroking, kneading, rubbing, circling and moving the skin have different effects on skin, subcutaneous and muscles. Shoulders and neck area are treated finally, usually in a seated position, after an intensive treatment of the back section.

Aqua Sport (group) is a total body workout offered in shallow water at chest level with or without equipment. Aqua Fitness promotes strength, agility and increases endurance and relaxation. Under the guidance of a qualified trainer, you can train your muscles, endurance and fitness and strengthen your cardiovascular system through active movements in the water for 45 minutes.

During the group training “Fascias and Relaxation” you will train on equipment to improve your flexibility. At the same time you strengthen your muscles, reduce stress and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Mineral healing water in the form of a drinking treatment has a positive effect on health. Bad Brambach has 5 state-recognised mineral springs. These include the “Wettinquelle”, the strongest radon spring in the world, the “Obere Grenzquelle” and the “Untere Grenzquelle”, the “Schillerquelle” and the “Eisenquelle”. Depending on their mineral composition, these can help soothing inflammatory joint diseases as well as disorders of digestion, metabolism, kidneys and the efferent urinary tract. A special feature of the drinking treatment is the Wettinquelle. This can only be taken on presentation of the Wettinquelle Drinking Pass, which requires a declaration of no objection from the doctor.

A visit to the Swimming and Sauna Landscape with the cosy Sauna Village in Bad Brambach promises an experience of well-being for all your senses. You may choose from tepidarium, steam bath or Finish Sauna in our indoor sauna area or you can relax outdoors in our Sauna Village with its particularly charming atmosphere and view to the historical spa garden. Indulge in the warm water (32 degrees) in the indoor and outdoor pool of the Swimming Landscape and allow yourself to be enchanted by the light-flooded atmosphere and the impressive view to the garden.

For the Radon spa treatment MOBILE offer, the indicated price is per person including service package; 7 nights with half board in double room excluding the visitor’s tax. 

The visitor´s tax shall be paid to the accommodation provider upon arrival. 1.30 € per day per person shall be paid for spa zone I (municipal territory) and 0.80 € for spa zone II (districts Bärendorf, Hohendorf, Schönberg, Rohrbach, Oberbrambach, Raum, Gürth, Raunergrund) in Bad Brambach.

Your benefits

  • 8 days, 7 nights incl. double room and half-board
  • ärztliches Eingangsgespräch
  • 3 Radon carbon dioxide full baths
  • 3 Radon inhalations
  • 7 Radon drinking therapies incl. Wettinquelle Drinking Pass
  • 1 Doctor’s presentation about radon
  • Doctor´s presentation on pain therapy with radon
  • 1 Natur-Vulkanit-Fangoteilpackung
  • 1 Fango Kneading
  • 2 Deep Massage
  • 2 Aqua Sport (group)
  • 1 group training “Fascias and Relaxation”
  • Täglich Mineralheilquelle zum Trinken (Eisen-, Schiller- oder Grenzquelle)
  • Free admission to bath and sauna landscape with sauna village
  • Loaner bathrobes from Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH for the duration of your stay

Price per person

Beherbergungskategorie I starting at € 1260.00
Accommodation category II starting at € 1090.00
Accommodation category III starting at € 910.00


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Effect of the radon mineral springs in Bad Brambach

  • Relief of chronic pain of all kinds
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural and gentle, without harmful side effects
  • Reduction of individual medication intake
  • Increasing the quality of life

Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Resch - German Institute for Health Research
“The medical concept of the Bad Brambacher radon spa treatment is unique - nowhere else are all dimensions of radon application (bathing, drinking, inhaling, rinsing) offered and used in coordination with each other as needed. In this way, the large immune organs of the body, e.g. in the skin, intestines or throat, can be reached and radon can develop its unique effect. Well-documented by scientific research, the main benefit is a gentle and lasting calming of an overstimulated immune system triggered by a series of applications - often the key cause of chronic pain and inflammation.”


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