“Little Vogtland” in Adorf

The “Klein-Vogtland” miniature exhibition facility has the task of presenting the variety of Vogtland’s sights and excursion destinations with the help of models. Attention to detail, extreme precision and the pure impact of the models on the guests are intended to encourage them to visit the originals. Moving elements such as figures, dominant trains or the like were deliberately avoided.

You can find some things in the models that remain hidden in the original due to the spatial distance. A visit to the original, on the other hand, promises to convey a different atmosphere and a different effect.

Miniature exhibition “Little Vogtland”
Waldbadstrasse 7
08626 Adorf/Vogtl.
Phone: 037423 48-060
Fax: 037423 78-776

April-October daily:
10:00 am - 18:00 pm
last entry: 17:30 p.m