Promote health. Applying nature. Experiencing culture.

Health, treatment, prevention and well-being - the range of offerings is as unique as the individuality of our guests.
Benefit from the professionalism of the specialised staff and the experiences from a spa tradition of many years in the modern treatment and well-being centre.


Salt Water Hot Spring and Sauna World Bad Elster

During a stay in the Bad Elster Salt Water Hot Spring, you can experience a completely new body sensation and float weightlessly and detached.

Strength floats in the thermal salt water!

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Radon mineral spa Bad Brambach

Bad Brambach has the “Wettinquelle”, the strongest radon spring in the world. The effect of the natural remedy has been known for more than 100 years.

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The new radon therapy centre

A modern infrastructure with new forms of therapy for radon applications, cold/heat therapy and much more is available for you.

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World of lights in the Royal Facilities Bad Elster

Bad Elster in a new light!

Immerse yourself in the world of experience and lights - a performance of nature, culture and health.

Please note the changed operating times!

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